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3mm Polycarbonate

3mm Polycarbonate is ideal for dug out applications and provides a virtually unbreakable panel which will cold curve allowing fixing to a steel or wooden frame structure. 3mm Polycarbonate is the same thickness as a standard pane of glass but only half the weight. Combined with this, 3mm Polycarbonate and all Polycarbonate sheets are up to 200 times stronger than glass, making them ideal for these type of sports applications where balls of all sizes, equipment, kit and other items are likely to come in contact with these curved dug out shelters.

Plastic Solutions supply 3mm Polycarbonate in a large sheet size of 3050mm x 2050mm (10' x 6') and we can cut this sheet to any size at no extra cost. Our team has many decades experience in advice and servicing this particular industry sector and we have recently supplied this material for pitches at the FAI Abbotstown complex in Dublin.

3mm Polycarbonate sheet from Plastic Solutions Dublin is UV stabilised and carries a manufacturer guarantee for a minimum of 10 years in outdoor applications all weathers.

Applications: UV stabilisation makes this deal for dug out shelters, greenhouses, garden sheds and general glazing.