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Good morning. It is Monday 4th January and we are OPEN but with restrictions in place.

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Christmas Closing...

Our offices will close on Tuesday 22nd December at 2PM and remain closed until Monday 4th January.

We wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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We remain open during Level 5!

On Monday 19th, the Government announced further restrictions due to Covid-19. As Print Solutions plays a critical role in the materials supply chain in terms of the fight against this virus, we fall into the category of essential services and we remain open.

We have made significant changes however, in terms of how we operate. Most of our team is now working remotely, and you are welcome to visit our premises but please abide by all Covid 19 protocols.

If arriving at our premises for Collections or there is need to visit our Reception, please call ahead Ph: +353 1 409 8000. 

Visitors may be subject to queue/waiting times and all visitors MUST wear a face mask.

Our web site is operating 24/7 as normal and our sales and customer service teams are contactable by phone and email. We would like to thank our staff, customers, and suppliers for their continued support.

Clear Face Shields now available...

Face shield products available from Print / Plastic Solutions Dublin at June 2020. To meet the demand of Health providers throughout Ireland, Print Solutions has imported face shields from global suppliers and we now have these available for delivery throughout Ireland.

Face shields use clear plastic screens that cover the entire face and provide essential protection for front line health care staff and other health professionals. Typical face shields use either clear PET or clear PP materials, combined with a plastic zip-tie mechanism. The zip-tie mechanism allows a 'one size fits all' product. More info below images...

600mic PET

CE Certified
EN 166, EN 168
TDS / details
400mic PP
TDS / details
200mic PVC
TDS / details
300mic Apet
(fixed, anti fog)

coming soon

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What does 'MIC' mean? 
Face shields are a very thin, clear face covering. This 'mic' value relates to 'micron', which is a measurement of thickness for the clear material part of the face shield. As a reference, 1000mic would be equal to 1mm thickness.

What materials are used in Face Shields?
PETPolyethylene terephthalate - part of the 'polyester' family and the material used in every day 'plastic' drink bottles
PP - Polypropylene -  used commonly in packaging and automotive parts
PVCPolyvinyl chloride - most common, everyday plastic, rigid forms are used in pipes and window frames
APETAmorphous-polyethylene terephthalate - same as PET with internal polymers arranged differently

Fixed - a face shield that clips at back of head and stays in same position while wearing it
Swivel - a face shield that can be tilted / opened like the visor on a motorbike helmet